New Beeginings at Rose Hill Farm

As home to the Parkinson family since 1978, Rose Hill Farm has long been known as an equestrian property with many horses and riders having graced the fields and barn over the years. 

It is also home to The Paddock Inc. Tack Shop, the preeminent horse and rider store in New England.


Enter COVID 19 – the year that allowed us to take a long look at how we do everything.  With the family horse farm in a transition phase eldest daughter Kyrena decided to take up beekeeping. She liked the idea of stewarding the land once she learned about bees and how important they are to our environment, she poured as much passion into her bees and everything they produced as she could. That’s how Rose Hill Farm Apiary was born.

Fortunately for the bees of Rose Hill Farm, the Apiary is smack in the middle of 600 acres of preserved land. During the initial lockdown in spring of 2020, major changes happened at the farm, with old pasture fencing removed, and plantings of fruit trees, blueberry and raspberry bushes, and more.

Keith (Dad) helped supervised setting up the hive yard in welcoming the new residents. 

Karen (Mom) replanted indigenous species including bee balm, coneflower, milkweed, and clovers, and non-invasive perennials have also been added to bolster the bee's food sources.

In replacing horse pastures with native pollinator plants for nectar and pollen, we were not only able to transform the landscape, but to give our bees the natural habitat they need to thrive. The amazing combination of plants on the farm and surrounding fields and forests imbues our Artisanal Spring and Autumn Honey in a way that makes it irresistibly delicious, and totally unique to our little piece of New England.



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