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  • Beard Butter - Rose Hill Farm - CT
  • Beard Butter - Rose Hill Farm - CT
  • Beard Butter - Rose Hill Farm - CT
  • Beard Butter - Rose Hill Farm - CT
  • Beard Butter - Rose Hill Farm - CT
  • Beard Butter - Rose Hill Farm - CT
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Famous and Awesome

Beard Butter

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Everyone has a style and our Famous and Awesome Beard Butter is versatile enough to handle yours.

  • Do you wake up to the morning mirror with “Bed Beard”?
  • Are you constantly distracted by loose, unmanaged “flyaways” (it’s not just a girl thing)? 
  • After a hard day of working around dust, dirt, or grime…do you just want to bring your beard back to life?
  • And, let’s not forget to ask about that chin itch...You KNOW what that is!
  • BUT - you just can’t stand feeling greasy or sticky?
Well now you can tame your face mane commanding structure, pronounced body and resilience. 
Designed to work with all beard types, it provides enough hold to control thinner developing beards and softens thick, curly abundant beard.  
Generally it keeps the most unruly beards cooperative, but following your style—all while keeping you versatile, touchable, sniffable and kissable.
This Beard Butter is a fast-absorbing, decadent combination of butters, oils and other skin-loving ingredients, all to nourish & protect your beard and chin skin.  
It’s perfect for those who want a little more lux for their beard, but without a sticky, greasy or grippy mess.
To use: As the saying goes - size does matter, but what matters more is what you do with it. depends.

Start with a pea-size amount of Beard Butter, rub thru your fingers to warm and soften, then starting near your chin or neck, massage the base of your beard at the root and run your fingers thru to the ends.
If you need more, use more. 


All our products are made with minimally processed ingredients - we believe the closer to the vine (or hive) the better. If your Beard Butter container gets left in a hot area (like your car, wash machine, or out on the sunny may soften or even melt - not to worry, it will firm up again as it cools.

However, you may notice a slightly "grainy" texture that wasn't there's not ruined! This is normal and naturally occurs with tropical plants butters that have not been ultra processed. You can rest assured that you have a true, natural product rather than one with manipulated ingredients!

CAUTIONS: External use only. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Store away from extreme light and heat.


Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Essential Oils of Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vetiver.