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  • Basswood Honey - Rose Hill Farm - CT
  • Basswood Honey - Rose Hill Farm - CT
  • Basswood Honey - Rose Hill Farm - CT
  • Basswood Honey - Rose Hill Farm - CT
  • Basswood Blossom  - Rose Hill Farm - CT
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Varietal Honey

Basswood Honey

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Basswood Honey is considered one of the finest honeys in the world! 

You may well exclaim out loud, that it’s like no other honey you’ve ever tasted.

It comes from the stately American Basswood tree which is also known as Linden in Europe, and Lime in the U.K.

American Basswood trees flower in early summer, offering an abundance of fragrant, yellow-white flowers. Exuberant bees appear in such great numbers for this floral banquet that the trees literally buzz as you pass by.

These delicate blooms yield a crisp, unique honey distilled from their nectar. Unfortunately, these delicate blooms are very influenced by weather with a rain or wind storm dashing the pollen and nectar away. This makes Basswood honey even more precious.

Basswood Honey crystallizes VERY quickly

due to its high glucose-to-fructose ratio.

For many people, this smooth spreadable consistency is desired.  But if you prefer your honey to be thin and pourable just place the jar in a pan of warm water for 20-30 minutes and it will return to its original state.


Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota


Delicate, fragrant and floral, sophisticated with a clean finish!
Some notice rose, lime, mint, or hay notes, others more melon, pineapple.
Kyrena says this years offering reminds her of Green Apple Jolly Ranchers!


Pairs wonderfully with creamy rustic cheeses accompanied with green grapes, toasted pecans and a crusty baguette.
Drizzle over honeydew melon.
Fabulous with poached pears.
Try over seared scallops or grilled fish.


Basswood Honey crystallizes extremely quickly. You can bring it back to liquid consistency by gently heating the jar in warm water.

WARNING: Do not feed honey to children under 1 year of age.