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  • Signature Honey - 3 Pack Bundle - Rose Hill Farm - CT
  • Signature Honey - 3 Pack Bundle - Rose Hill Farm - CT
  • Signature Honey - 3 Pack Bundle - Rose Hill Farm - CT
  • Signature Honey - 3 Pack Bundle - Rose Hill Farm - CT
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RHF Artisanal Honey

Signature Honey - 3 Pack Bundle

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Imagine your own extravagant Honey Flight!

We will thoughtfully select and beautifully box 3 amazing Signature Honeys for your excitement and pleasure of sharing with others or just indulging yourself!

Our most beloved and cherished collections, these amazing honeys truly capture time in a bottle.

Occasionally throughout the year during hive inspections a single frame of capped honey in a hive stands out, this frame is pulled and set aside for its own extraction.  

This honey captures the essence of nectar gathered by the flowers in bloom...which is in turn influenced by weather.

And every hive of bees gathers a different ratio based on the needs of the hive community. 

Amazingly, two hives next to each other can have entirely different tastes!

We lovingly prepare these stellar, one of a kind EVER honeys in a 8.5 oz collectible jar with cork cap, then carefully triple hand dunked in beeswax to seal.

BONUS: If you'd like to upgrade for a special gift, add on our Sexy Black Gloss Gift Box in the 13x4x3 size. And we will add in a 1oz Hand Salve - "The Best" our compliments!


Rose Hill Farm Apiary - Preston, Connecticut


Every jar is different!


These extremely precious honeys should only be paired with thoughtful consideration! Or just enjoy them straight off the spoon for a special indulgence.
Embellish specialty cheese, breads and fruit or as an impressive garnish.
You wouldn't want to use them in recipes where their exquisite flavors would mix, mingle and become lost.


WARNING: Do not feed honey to children under 1 year of age.